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What is CPM?

A system that sinks as much as the excavation distance (Mtr)


Increase work efficiency with expert knowledge and experience


Maximizing on-site profits through a common sense, not simple delivery


Labor cost, construction cost, construction period reduction

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CPM effect

Reduction of management costs by the person in charge of the construction management team

Save time required for all management through all management of drilling materials

Reduced material inventory burden Cash flow soundness

Reduced financial costs by not pre-stocking on-site

Reduced construction period and additional cost according to drilling speed

Maximization of construction efficiency through professional replacement management of drilling materials

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Drawing materials required for quotation

longitudinal plan

Tunnel specifications and site identification

Geology and support pattern map

Tunnel geology analysis

Standard Blasting Pattern Diagram

Explosion method, workload identification

Standard Support Pattern Diagram

Check the number of rock bolts and reinforcement methods

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Estimation Basis

experience and know-how

Applied the appropriate amount of consumption for the site through the experience of the project and the accumulated regional data

rock quality analysis

By analyzing the type and quality of rock at the site, accurately analyzing the amount of material wear and consumption, and calculating the estimate

Drawing basis analysis

Identify work quantity based on site drawings

final quotation

Based on experience, rock quality, and drawing-based workload, material life calculation and application. Calculate the estimated price per final drilling site (M) by adding up polishing costs and courier costs

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